At Higher Capital, we offer practical strategic consulting to private , public organisations and individuals in view to enhance their growth and profitability in their environment.


Our strategic services rely on mainly three pillars:


PLANNING  with a rigorous analysis, relevant diagnostic and 'easy-to-understand' strategy focused on profit growth and service delivery.


IMPLEMENTATION with a strong emphasis on operations, chain production, cost effectiveness,marketing and competition awareness.


CONTINUITY relying on strong results to be utilized as foundation for sustainability and growth.



Many management and strategy consulting firms spend a large amount of times on presenting solutions filled with difficult and unrealistic terms. We pride ourselves in choosing 

a different path where simplicity , clear understanding and transparency form part our goal priority while ensuring that our clients service delivery and profits objectives remain 

interests we keep in our books.


If you wish to send us a query, book us for a meeting or to receive an organisational and plan diagnsotic opinion, please email us at:  or call: 062 566 9727.


We will gladly respond to your query.



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